Who We Are

Augmented reality is the overlay of digital content over physical reality. Used in web and mobile application for visual demonstration of objects.


When we speak about AR, we understand the whole potential

Based on detailed market research, revenue forecasts, and competition comparison, Our business analysts translate your needs and ideas into specific requirements and product roadmaps to follow.

Our augmented reality development team leverages markers, geotracking data, and SLAM inputs with camera feeds from any HUD or smartphone to deliver real-world enriching user interactions.

Our CGI artists & designers go the extra mile to create realistic 3D objects, overlays & animations, 100% precise & interactive, following the design trends that matter to deliver experiences that last.

Surface activated AR allows the user to place content on a surface in front of them, usually a table or the floor. This is a great way for brands to show off their products, and an incredibly immersive and interactive way for the customer to explore the product. On top of this, you can add functionality to make the products customisable, shoppable and sharable. We recently created an AR Retail App which allows the viewer to design, share & purchase through the app.

Target activated AR allows the user to point their phone at a ‘trigger’ point, often a QR code, product or symbol, in order to launch an AR experience. Even brand logos printed in magazines and newspapers, or onto t-shirts & other clothing, can be used as trigger points. This can be an excellent way for brands to display additional information about a product which the viewer otherwise wouldn’t be able to access. The AR Portals we created for tourism company used physical doorways to trigger 360º video content which the viewer could even step inside.


Industries we serve

Retail & eCommerce

  • AR for online stores
  • AR product configurator
  • AR product labels
  • AR for printed media
  • AR indoor navigation

Real Estate

  • Digital Twins of the assests
  • AR Guided tours
  • AR Remote assistance
  • AR Catalogues
  • AR Specifications


  • AR for remote assitance
  • AR Training
  • AR Safety protocols
  • AR Guide
  • AR Companion


  • AR for School
  • AR for Labs
  • AR for University

Games & Entertainment

  • AR Game
  • AR location based games
  • AR Scavenger hunt

Oil & Gas

  • AR for remote assitance
  • AR Training
  • AR location beacons