Case Studies

3D Floorplan

3D Floorplan allows user create their own plan online and download the 3D model.

Snapchat Clone

Our own Snapchat clone with extra filters than the original

AI Emoticons

Change the emotions based on emotions of your face.

AI Piano

Play the piano by facial expression using AI

AI Glass

Check the shades that fits your face using AI

AI Facial Expression

Clone your facial reaction to animated character using AI

Virtual tour for Finance

3D virtual tour to show company financial charts

Virtual tour for Court

Virtual tour and training to new judges and lawyers.

Virtual Dressing Room

Try on the dresses before buying

3D Library

Virtual 3D UI with three js

Custom Filters

Custom face filters for mobile and desktop apps

Frontend Designs

3D design to make any website interactive.


Unified platform to access AR in Desktop and Mobile