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AR Buildings

This App will show you world-famous buildings in AR. The main function of this App is to scan and recognize the plane, and then generate a building model for display at the recognized plane position. Players can operate the AR model through gestures. The model can be rotated and zoomed, and the model can be switched arbitrarily through the UI operation.

1. It is fully compatible with IOS and Android platforms, and the function of AR for all mobile platforms can be completed by writing once code, which is also the biggest benefit of AR Foundation
2. AR can recognize the plane and give a friendly prompt to the player
3. Recognition a real world plane and display a 3D model that can be rotated and scaled by finger gestures
4. The ground shadow, the generated AR model, will have a shadow to make the AR scene look more realistic
5. Simple to use, very easy to integrate into your own project
6. Cheap price
7. Contains 10 exquisite architectural models