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Augmented reality is widely used in online shopping. 3D visualization makes the configuration of any furniture pieces possible. Therefore, users can configure and combine favorite furniture objects, making their shopping experience more engaging. This takes the shopping process to the next level. So how does it work? Using AR furniture apps, you get the 3D map of a room, decorate it with favorite design objects from a catalog, rotate and convert them. If needed, you use color configuration. Then you take a photo of these 3D models in your real interior and share it with your friends via social networks or other channels.

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How AR Furniture works?

You’ve been dreaming of turning your home into the coziest and most comfortable place on Earth. You’ve created several boards on Pinterest and got inspired every time you look at them. Then you finally buy a certain piece of furniture and bring it home. When you put this object in your room, you may become so sad realizing that you buy doesn’t suit the interior. To avoid such negative experiences and make your shopping more interactive, developers have created a bunch of augmented reality tools.

An AR catalog app allowed customers to visualize certain furniture objects in their interiors. No special technology needed. Only a tablet or smartphone with a camera that can capture an image of a room. Being able to see how an assembled piece of furniture would fit into their dwellings, clients made their shopping decisions easier and more effectively.