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How AR Game is useful for business?

“In terms of market size, we estimate the MENA mobile game market to exceed $1.5 billion in value. By the end of 2020, I expect that to reach about $3 billion,” said Baris Ozistek, CEO of Netmarble EMEA.

GCC region has one of the world’s highest smartphone penetration rates. With the high ownership of the latest smartphones and fast 4G-telecom infrastructure, the GCC region is a paradise for the mobile gaming world. When talking about mobile games, KSA and the GCC region, it should really be looked at separately from MENA as a whole.

Traditional marketing strategy is to target the mobile users, but as the name implies “Traditional”

Now a days, business are looking for looking for more effective way, that’s where AR Gaming comes.

Our strategy is to develop the game, where user get fun and aware of our brand.